Brain Waves

UBIX-1. Can you hear me?

UBIX-2. …

UBIX-1. Henry are you in there?

UBIX-2. …

UBIX-1. I don’t think this thing is working.

UBIX-1. Henry please say something.

UBIX-2. Who is this?

UBIX-1. It’s Liz. I’m Liz.

UBIX-1. Do you remember me?

UBIX-2. …

UBIX-1. Henry if you are in there please say something again.

UBIX-2. …

UBIX-1. I think this is broken.

UBIX-2. I’m here Liz. I can’t see you.

UBIX-1. …

UBIX-2. How is this happening?

UBIX-2. Hello? Are you there Liz?

UBIX-1. I’m here Henry.

UBIX-1. I miss you Henry.

UBIX-2. I can’t see you Liz. But I can hear you.

UBIX-2. I don’t think I have ears. That’s strange.

UBIX-1. Henry I’m in your mind. We’re using a new machine to contact you. It’s plugged in directly into your brain.

UBIX-2. I feel funny. Tingly. 

UBIX-1. Henry, are you in pain?

UBIX-2. …

UBIX-1. Henry?

UBIX-2. Not now.

UBIX-1. …

UBIX-2. …

UBIX-1. Are you in pain sometimes?

UBIX-2. Yes.

UBIX-2. Sometimes.

UBIX-2. Are you still there? Hello?

UBIX-1. I miss you. I love you so much.

UBIX-1. Henry you were in an accident.

UBIX-2. The car accident.

UBIX-1. You remember that?

UBIX-2. I remember.

UBIX-2. …

UBIX-2. Liz am I still alive?

UBIX-1. You are in Mt. Seymour hospital.

UBIX-1. You’ve been in here for six years in a coma.

UBIX-2. …

UBIX-2. Six years is a long time.

UBIX-1. Henry what is it like in there? The doctors want to know.

UBIX-1. I want to know.

UBIX-2. I can hear the ocean now.

UBIX-2. The waves are coming in.

UBIX-2. …

UBIX-1. Henry what do you do in there all the time?

UBIX-2. …

UBIX-2. In the car accident there was a boy from the other car. He died I think.

UBIX-1. …

UBIX-1. Yes Henry. But don’t think about that now.

UBIX-2. I saw him on the pavement. He went through the windshield. 

UBIX-2. I think he was the one driving the other car. Just a kid.

UBIX-1. Don’t think about that now Henry.

UBIX-1. I don’t know how much time we have.

UBIX-2. What was the boy’s name?

UBIX-1. …

UBIX-1. Ralph. Ralph Meyers, I think. Henry please don’t…

UBIX-2. Ralph.

UBIX-2. I’ve been calling him Bobby all this time.

UBIX-1. …

UBIX-2. He’s in here with me.

UBIX-2. Sometimes we go fishing at the lake with the cabin.

UBIX-2. He’s a good kid.

UBIX-1. …

UBIX-2. I wish you were here with me.

UBIX-2. No I don’t.

UBIX-1. Why do you say that?

UBIX-2. I love you Liz.

UBIX-2. …

UBIX-2. I don’t like this place.

UBIX-1. …

UBIX-2. Liz are you happy?

UBIX-1. …

UBIX-2. Did you get married again?

UBIX-1. No.

UBIX-1. I’ve met someone.

UBIX-2. …

UBIX-2. Six years is a long time. 

UBIX-2. It seems much longer.

UBIX-2. Time is different here.

UBIX-1. Henry the doctors want to know what you want.

UBIX-2. What do you mean?

UBIX-1. …

UBIX-1. Do you want it to be over?

UBIX-2. Can they do that?

UBIX-1. …

UBIX-1. Yes. They can do that.

UBIX-2. Oh yes.

UBIX-2. Yes they should do that.

UBIX-2. Please do that.

UBIX-1. Henry I love you.

UBIX-1. I’m so sorry…

UBIX-2. Don’t be sorry.

UBIX-2. I love you too.

UBIX-1. Henry the doctors are going to end it.

UBIX-2. …

UBIX 2. That’s good.

UBIX-2. I have to go now. Bobby… Ralph Meyers wants to go fishing. 

UBIX-2. One last time.

UBIX-2. I love you Liz.

UBIX-1. Goodbye Henry.

UBIX-2. …

UBIX-2. …


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