Gulf Islands

On the green mountain

Lofty, cool-blue breeze

Hover and flit between stalwart trees

Silvery brains and diaphanous wings

Measure out the tune of mysterious things

Double-winged guardians might put into words

Evading eyes and beaks of birds

Tales that are ancient, long-lived


Before islands below in the sea, far-ranging

Echoes from peak to peak that bring

Those sentinels catching the light on a wing

Adventurers traversing the heated air

Sisters and brothers

On Heaven’s low stair

– Mount Maxwell, Salt Spring Island, July 2013


Burning Bright, Part III

Tyger Tyger

Photo: Dr. Caesar Photography

“This situation has gotten more complicated”, said Clee.

“How? We’ve got the tiger. You said it yourself; she just walked right into your cage there. You didn’t even have to use that tranquilizer gun. It’s time to bring it to Mr. Hodge. This isn’t your call. I’m in charge here!” said Anders angrily.

His men began to gather in a tight circle across from the tall woman tentatively, as if she was a tiger also. Dr. Singh stood by the truck, his arms crossed, and his eyes shifting nervously from left to right.

“Up until now, you people thought this animal was just some roaming killer. But, she isn’t. She belongs to Ebilard Stakes. Tell me you’ve heard of him.”

Anders smirked. “Yeah. I’ve heard of him. He’s the roommate of Santa Claus, isn’t he?”

His men laughed at that, and drew closer. Continue reading

Burning Bright, Part II


Clee approached the door of the school where the tiger was suspected to be using as her lair, remembering what Hodge had said, and how he’d said it. “The animal is not to be killed. If anything happens to it, you won’t get your bonus. And I’ll be very, very angry. You don’t want to see that. Get me that tiger alive and bring it to me. I’ve got plans for it.”

There was something ominous in his voice. Clee knew that there was something out of whack with the guy. He wasn’t like most of the Council members at Green City they’d said, which she supposed is why he’d left to set up a new town. But, she’d heard that same tone of voice, that same quality of intent in the voices of raiders that she’d dealt with and exchanged fire with when she was in the army. Her opinion of Hodge upon meeting him had been that he was a less than trustworthy person. But, in those few sentences, she knew her client was a breed apart, that he could be capable of anything. This was a bad job in a bad place.

She thought of her two little girls Cissy and Bea back in Green City, sleeping in borrowed beds at the Parent’s Network Centre. She wished they were all at home in their small apartment instead. She wished she’d never come to Hodgetown. Continue reading

Burning Bright, Part I


Adapted from a photo by: Craig Deitrich

Clee Harris dropped off Cissy and Bea at the Parent’s Network in downtown Green City. Since the east coast fell, Green City was where it was at if you didn’t have the pull to get into one of the gated communities. You had to scrap it out on the outside. That’s what Clee had to do before she settled here.There was plenty of support in Green City, even though life¬†there was hard in other ways.

Clee had got a call from the office. There was a job. It was one of the special jobs that she was good at. It was a big job out of town on the off hours. So, there’s be a big bonus, too.¬†Freddie was gone, and kids needed to be fed, clothed, and needed a safe place to sleep, too. And there’d be no more husbands again to do it. Continue reading