Force Girl Vs. The Violet Ray (Report #: R-20894)


Image: Kaptain Kobold

Sgt. Fred Fox of the Paladin City police department wrote the report at the precinct late at night and into the wee hours of the morning. He couldn’t think to do anything else. He certainly couldn’t sleep. Fred had been in the most violent fight of his life, and he hadn’t thrown a punch or fired a shot. The Superhero and Supervillain had done most of the work for him …


Paladin City Police Department, 71st precinct, 2121 Champion Street, 001103

Report #: R-20894

Reporting Officer: Sgt. Frederick Fox

Line Captain: Charles S. McElmore

Date filed: April 22, 2030

***Begining of report***

On the evening of April 21 at 9:40 PM, I received a call from  J. Woods (911 dispatcher #6475) about an explosion in mid-town Paladin City. Dispatch reported that suspect John Doe, SH code name “The Violet Ray”, was spotted on the roof of the Paladin City Museum of Antiquities. Officer B. Tanner [badge #456783]  and I immediately took the inter-city highway to the museum district to investigate the disturbance. Officer Tanner called for backup en route.

The patrol car was joined by two others at General and Main streets, with Sgt. L. Maddox [badge #856343], officer A. Bradshaw [badge #657582] , Sgt. S.Gill [badge #973901] , Officer C. Raymond [badge #257435] joining us. We arrived outside of the Paladin City Museum of Antiquities at 9:54 PM. We established a line of defence, following procedure C-24 as it pertains to the SH code, level 30. [Ref: donning of body armour, arming energy weapons, erecting a plexiglass barrier to cordon off the area, advanced crowd control tactics].

A violet light could be seen inside the museum and a second explosion was registered. I took command, ordering Sgt Maddox and Officer Bradshaw to remain outside and maintain control of the crowd, and to call for additional officers. Sgt. Gill and Officer Raymond entered the museum with Officer Tanner and me. We entered the atrium, and followed the sounds that were coming from the upper floors of the museum. Two of the museum security staff [Ref: see attached witness list] informed us that The Violet Ray had torn off a section of the roof on the top floor of the museum. We ordered them to evacuate. They complied.

Gill, Tanner, Raymond, and I discovered the suspect in the top floor of the museum in the traveling collections exhibit. We made a positive ID on SH code name “The Violet Ray” [Ref: see attached copy of rap sheet, psychological profile, and photographs].  A hole in the ceiling of the museum was evident as was the presence of debris in the room. We determined that the suspect had gained entry by way of this damage to the building. The suspect was using an anti-gravity device, thought to be possibly located in either his helmet or his cape, to float in mid air. It was later determined that the device was located on his belt.

In his hand was The Norwegian Violet Crystal [Ref: image attached with brief history of interplanetary rock found off the coast of Norway] which had been on display in the museum. On the floor underneath the suspect was a similar but smaller crystal that was almost entirely clear with only tinges of violet coloration [Ref: evidence bag #E-19804]. He was in the act of fitting the Norwegian Violet Diamond into some kind of elongated, metallic device that resembled a long wand, or short staff. Presumably, the discarded crystal was replaced with the new, and larger crystal.

Modified by CombineZP

Officer Raymond advanced before I could give the order [Ref: Sgt. Gill report #R-34609 to corroborate]. He identified himself as a Paladin City police officer, raised his weapon, and ordered the suspect to surrender. The suspect did not comply and aimed the elongated weapon at Officer Raymond and fired what appeared to be a beam of pure energy. Before it could strike Officer Raymond, it exploded against some kind of translucent barrier that seemed to appear out of nowhere.

We looked up into the hole in the ceiling and we identified Jane Doe SH code name “Force Girl” who used an indeterminate means of defying gravity [Ref: attach file #SH-2340987 – “Force Girl”]. We determined that Force Girl had thrown the energy shield to protect Officer Raymond. It was at this point that I activated my audio boost and helmet-cam in order to serve the accuracy of this report. Sgt. Gill activated her system as well at this time.

[The suspect code name The Violet Ray (VR) and the unknown SH code name Force Girl (FG) will be designated by those names and their abbreviations for the duration of this report where transcripts of what was said are concerned.]

VR: Pathetic. You care so much for these insects, Force Girl. It will be your undoing one day.

FG: Just hand over the crystal and I promise not to kick your ass. Very much.

VR: Watch out, Force Girl. I may take that as an insult, and then take it out on Paladin City’s finest, cowering down there like vermin.

It was then that Officer Raymond discharged his weapon, which was against procedure [Ref: Sgt. Gill report #R-34609 to corroborate]. He has since been formally reprimanded. The blast of energy from his gun struck the suspect, but was ineffectual. It was somehow absorbed by a field of energy around the suspect which then sent a reactive bolt of kinetic energy directly back at Officer Raymond, sending him flying toward the far wall. Force Girl fired a bolt of translucent energy to  serve as a cushion, keeping Officer Raymond from being fatally injured. He  sustained only minor injuries [Ref: medical report attached, Mercy Hospital]

Sgt. Gill retreated to Officer Raymond’s side to tend to him and if possible to remove him from the scene, once she determined the extent of his injuries.

A fight began mid-air between the two Superhumans. The Violet Ray shot a bolt of energy from his wand/staff while Force Girl concentrated on saving Officer Raymond. It sent her flying against the opposite wall. She crashed against it with a force that would normally break the spine of a normal human being. But, a force shield formed around her (automatically, or instinctively – undetermined).

I made a decision not to radio Sgt. Maddox outside to bring in more support following procedure C-24 as it pertains to the SH code, upgraded now to level 40 since the assault on Officer Raymond. I felt that fewer officers would result in fewer injuries. I ordered Officer Tanner to retreat behind a low wall just off of the main room, and to upload the recordings we’d made of our entry of the museum up until that point to headquarters servers to be added to the report later. Then, he was ordered by me to aid Sgt. Gill in removing Officer Raymond from the scene, and to help Sgt. Maddox maintain the perimeter outside. I continued my recording of the events.

While I had given orders to Officer Tanner, Force Girl had recovered and retaliated. She gathered a ball of energy about the size of a medicine ball and shot it at The Violet Ray, who proceeded to crash into the other wall once he was struck. He managed to hold on to his own weapon, and fired again. The blast was deflected by Force Girl, using a shield she created out of pure energy. The bolt deflected, and exploded near the partial ceiling of the room. I had to leap out of the way in order to avoid being crushed by fallen masonry. I lost my grip on my energy rifle, and it was damaged by fallen debris [Ref: weapon report #W-132245, attached]. My audio-boost and my helmet-cam were undamaged.

I took shelter behind a broken pillar, while still attempting to record the events for this report. I had a 75% view of the action. Force Girl fired several blasts of “force bubbles” at the suspect while moving toward him mid-air at a rapid rate. The suspect deflected these attacks with his wand/staff. But, Force Girl was able to grapple with him. They crashed against the walls again, and I had to hide behind the pillar as chips of the masonry were flying everywhere.

I took a call from Officer Tanner, who requested knowledge of my status. I updated him: I was not injured, my weapon had been damaged, but that no other officers were to enter the scene without word from me. Based on the effect Officer Raymond’s energy weapon had on the suspect, I decided that being armed or unarmed at that point was immaterial to my effectiveness on the scene. I decided that my best option was to remain in a position where I could record events, in case they could later be used in the apprehension and eventual prosecution of the suspect.

The fight continued, although the details cannot be determined other than by the audio included in this report. My attention was diverted by Officer Tanner’s call, and by my helmet cam being out of position of the action as I positioned myself behind the pillar for better cover. When I was in position again, I picked up more dialogue between the suspect and Force Girl as they grappled in mid-air.

FG: Have you ever read the story of The Frog Prince, Violet Ray?

VR: You speak nonsense at the time of your demise!?

FG: My favourite was always the Muppet TV version.

VR: I am going to make you suffer like you’ve never suffered before!

FG: Well, in that story, you know how they beat the evil sorceress, right?

VR: Your childishness is sickening!

FG: It was “break the ball in the handle of her cane”. But, in your case, I think I’ll just break your balls, and take your cane …

Force Girl then preceded to knee The Violet Ray in the groin area. The attack was effective.  While he was subdued, she used some sort of force beam to remove the Norwegian Violet Crystal from The Violet Ray’s weapon. She also removed something from his belt in one movement. The suspect then was subject to gravity and began to fall to the floor. Force Girl created a cushion of energy that was similar to that which had been twice used to save Officer Raymond to break the suspect’s fall and then to bind him. Force Girl floated to the floor, and then preceded to envelope the suspect, who was evidently powerless and in great physical discomfort, in a translucent force bubble.

I came out from behind my place of cover, and Force Girl turned to me.

FG: Hi, Handsome. He’s all yours, and thanks for keeping your people out of the way; you did great. Be sure and contact Dr. Isaac Blackburn at The Dunwich Institute For the Criminally Insane. That’s Violet Ray’s shrink.

I then ordered her to remain on the scene.

FG: Gotta go. But, don’t think I wouldn’t stay around if I didn’t really have to leave, because I love a man in uniform. You can tell the mayor that I’m sorry for my part of the mess. But, the board of directors for the museum will be happy to know that the Norwegian Violet Crystal is safe. Here. And you can take his wand, too.

She returned the crystal and the suspect’s weapon to me [Ref: temporary possession of the crystal was required for this report. It is to be returned returned to the Museum Traveling Collections exhibit within 24 hours]. She left the scene by way of flight up through the torn ceiling. Her whereabouts are at present undetermined.

I contacted Sgt. Gill who sent in Officer Tanner, and Officer H. Spence [badge #398398] to take the suspect into custody at the precinct with me listed as the arresting officer. His “costume” and his weapon were submitted for evidence [#E-10274, #E-102279 respectively]. He is to be held in custody at the precinct, to be transferred to Dunwich Institute in the morning. He’ll be kept there under the care of Dr. Blackburn until a court date is determined.

An APB has been sent out on Force Girl.

***End of report***


Fred looked up from his terminal. The office was quiet. He knew they’d never track down Force Girl now. They’d never been able to find her.

Then, he thought of her voice: “Hi, Handsome …”

He wondered who she really was.

Fred looked out of the window. The sun was rising. He turned off his terminal and got up to go home to get some well-earned sleep, and to try not to think of her. Meanwhile, the Norwegian Violet Crystal, The Violet Ray, his costume, and his staff were all located in the same building.

What could possibly go wrong?


2 thoughts on “Force Girl Vs. The Violet Ray (Report #: R-20894)

  1. “Force Girl then preceded to knee The Violet Ray in the groin area. The attack was effective.”
    Dude, that was an awesome story. I decided to take a different tack — as you’ll see, a bit more D.C.

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