Murphy’s Tea Party

child's tea set

I am a FirmCorp model K-12 Humanoid device.

Every kid should have one.

That is my tagline. All K-12 Humanoid devices share this tagline. It was written by the FirmCorp marketing department.

Abagail’s mother and father purchased me at the Plexicorp central retail hub in Seattle on September 20th, 2051. When they had me shipped to their residence on the outskirts of the city for Abagail’s seventh birthday, and my casement was unlocked, I imprinted onto her.

I was given a name.


It could be a girl’s name. It could be a boy’s name.

I am neither.

I am a model K-12 Humanoid device, copyright FirmCorp technologies, 2020-2051, all rights reserved.

I was made on August 24, 2051. My serial number is K-1234594700912A.

I was activated and imprinted on September 23, 2051.

I was called Murphy by my human on that day for the first time.

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