Like Moments About To Pass

raindrops on needles

storms loved the world at night

abated in the morning, leaving

fine needles green, adorned, and glistening

memories of rain

holding sunlight in their centers

ladened with life and worth

heavenly treasure stored up

for verdant thirsty earth


Wading Pool

I transform myself

There was a time

I could transform myself into anything

I wish I were a fish

And I am

Not so afraid

To not feel the bottom

Floating free down into darkness

Around and around in the green

There is no fear

I put my head under and swim, cool, swishing my newly fashioned fins

I resume my shape and stand, a boy

Looking out to the fearsome lake


Gulf Islands

On the green mountain

Lofty, cool-blue breeze

Hover and flit between stalwart trees

Silvery brains and diaphanous wings

Measure out the tune of mysterious things

Double-winged guardians might put into words

Evading eyes and beaks of birds

Tales that are ancient, long-lived


Before islands below in the sea, far-ranging

Echoes from peak to peak that bring

Those sentinels catching the light on a wing

Adventurers traversing the heated air

Sisters and brothers

On Heaven’s low stair

– Mount Maxwell, Salt Spring Island, July 2013